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Your child will enjoy their weekly mathZwise lesson with our personalised attention and support. Our friendly mathZwise tutors are expert in making students feel at ease and confident to learn new concepts. Your child will become more successful in Maths.

We tutor students from Year 6 to Year 13 who need support in their Maths learning or who would like Maths extension. Our Maths tuition is available on week days at 3:30, 4:30, 5:30 and 6:30 pm.

Our Hamilton mathZwise centres are conveniently located at Berkley Normal Middle School in Hillcrest and at Fairfield Intermediate School near Chartwell.

We also support students at Hamilton Boys’ High School. Our Maths tutors work with boarders at Argyle House during their prep time at night.

Our tutors are also available to work with university students.

Each 60 minute session is $45 for students from Year 6 to Year 10, with two students working with each experienced Maths tutor. Each student is taught on an individual programme so enjoys personalised attention and support. This means that any gaps in knowledge or misunderstandings can be identified and remedied.

For Year 11, 12 and 13 students, we provide intensive one on one tutoring at a cost of $55 per session. We have resources and practice assessment papers for all NCEA Standards.

We are proud members of the New Zealand Tutoring Association.

If you would like a free Numeracy assessment for a Year 6 , Year 7 or Year 8 student or to discuss your child’s learning needs, please contact Lesley Ashman.

Start Maths tutoring with us now to give your child their best opportunity for success.

We have 19 Maths tutors at mathZwise Hamilton so we can always choose the right tutor to suit each student.

Lesley is an experienced teacher of all levels with a Bachelor of Education and Diploma of Teaching with Commendation. She was the Deputy Principal of Rotokauri Primary School and before that was teaching Mathematics at Hamilton’s Fraser High School.




Recent Comments

We have heard nothing but positive things about your tutoring from a couple of our friends. 

She was so excited about returning to mathZwise and really enjoyed the session. 

She had a great year last year and ended up gaining a Merit in her end of year exam. Big thanks to the team at mathZwise for their efforts. 

mathZwise is really helpful with maintaining his confidence in Maths.

She is also ahead of the class for her course work, which is great. She has really benefited from the extra tuition.   

My boys have just walked in after their lesson with Talia and are really happy with her and what they learnt tonight.  My older boy has been having trouble with fractions and was stoked that he came away feeling like he understood them better. 

Last year she enjoyed going to mathZwise. It was a very positive experience for her. I was very pleased with her end of year Maths report.  For the last 4 years she had been below where she should be for Maths.  Now she is performing at her level which is a good start for High School.  

It really made an amazing difference. He got up to where he was meant to be for his year, which was fantastic.

If I think she needs to start up again, I will contact you.  We had such good results.  I know she really wants to keep going too, so she will miss it!

Thanks so much, he really enjoyed his tutoring with Elliot and your programme. I am very open to him returning, should he need to. 

We were pleased with his progress last year and he finished above the expected level in his report at year end.

Comments from 2016

We are so grateful for what you have done. It has been a joy to see her confidence grow as she has learned from you. What you do is amazing!

Just wanted to say thanks for helping our daughter this year with her Maths, we have seen a huge improvement and so has her teacher, plus she is way more confident.

I cannot believe that he continued Maths all the way through school – that reflects on Amie’s wonderful ability to keep him motivated and engaged in Maths! 

He has certainly found his sessions with Rikkie helpful. Thanks so much for everything, especially your flexibility!

She is still really enjoying her Maths tuition with Talia and actually looks forward to it, fabulous!

Her confidence has certainly improved, as have her test marks.

She has loved her tutoring and her school results are reflecting that. We would like her to continue next year.

mathZwise has been awesome for him -  thanks to Michael. I have recommended mathZwise to my friends and family.

Quin’s tutoring has made a huge difference to her confidence in tackling Statistics and provided a much stronger platform for her heading to University next year.

She is really finding the one on one very helpful and says Anthony is very good at explaining it to her.

He received his test result back from Maths last week and he got 89% so we are really, really happy with his tutoring.  A massive improvement from the 41% he got on the previous test prior to starting with you. 

Thanks so much, it has been a wonderful help for her and you have been so easy to deal with. 

I just want to thank you and your team for making Maths fun for him.  

Her teacher said she has gone from PAT Stanine 2 to a Stanine 5 after the testing in the last week of last term. We are very pleased with this. 

I can’t believe he is about to finish school.  We have been very lucky to have had Amie coach him over all these years. 

She has thoroughly enjoyed her Maths tutoring with Talia the last two terms and feels she is much more confident with Maths now, in the school environment. Thank you very much for helping her gain confidence with Maths knowledge and skills.

She has got a lot out of this tuition. 

He is really enjoying it. 

She is finding the lessons really helpful. 

She has made great progress and is really enjoying the lessons. 

He is loving his tutoring and now LOVES Maths.  Fantastic! 

Thank you very much for a great term of Maths progress. Your approach has made the world of difference to them.

She was so excited yesterday coming home from school. She went up a level in Maths!  

She has been getting some great results in Maths. She got a Merit a couple of weeks ago and was the only one in class to get more than Achieved. She got an Excellence this week so she is really pleased.  

It was so awesome she got an Excellence for her Level 3 Statistics Internal.  You are so wonderful to work with; I really appreciate what you have done. I am sure it is the extra help with you guys that helped her get Excellence.

I can't really express my appreciation for what mathZwise is giving my son. After periods of low self esteem, he is proud to be able to keep up with his peers now. He enjoys his tutors who make an effort to make him feel comfortable and happy to be there. Thanks to the efficiency of the tutors and management, the lessons are always prepared and tailored to suit my son. 

She liked her first session. When I asked her how it went, she said, "It was fun!"  She was very eager to show me everything she had done. 

She thinks she has learnt more in two terms with Talia then she did in two years at Numberworks. 

I do want to thank you for all the support you have offered them over the last few years. Both kids have definitely benefited from mathZwise and it should help them in their Maths in America too!

A big thank you for giving her confidence back. She is flying with her Maths at school.

I met with his teacher and she said that he is doing really well in Maths so that’s great and obviously the extra support is helping.

She's just buzzing after seeing you two at mathZwise. 

She has loved her time with Jade, her Maths knowledge and understanding has come a long way.

His Maths report was really good last night so clearly you're making a difference. 

She's absolutely loved your classes and it's the first time she's been excited to do Maths!   

He has found the sessions with Quin very helpful so far (as he did with Rikkie). He passed his first Level 3 Calculus Internal with Excellence. 

Thanks again for this great tutor service. She is doing much better with Maths this year.

Please pass on my thanks to Jade, he is always keen to go to his lesson and says he really enjoys it.   

To say we appreciate what you have done and continue to do for her is an understatement! I don't know where we would be if we hadn't found you.

She seems really happy and enjoying her lesson.

He was a bit nervous about doing the tutoring at first but he is happy about going each week now.  He liked the way Michael explained things.

He's really enjoying his lessons and feels a lot more confident at Maths in class now.

She is loving the help she is getting from your staff.  She is way happier in her class (even getting a 'merit' in a test).

We are really pleased as his teacher says she can see he is gaining more confidence and understanding.

She is really enjoying her lessons and is already displaying more confidence in her Maths.

Thank you Lesley. We much appreciated the service you give to the boys at Hamilton Boys' High. 

She has enjoyed her mathZwise and we both really appreciate the supportive approach and environment provided so thank you.  Please also thank Amie.    

Thanks again for all your passion and enthusiasm for getting kids on track with Maths.

She enjoys working with Talia so much and is enjoying her Maths!! Yay!!

Sam is seeing really impressive results this term, thanks to Stefan.

It has been so encouraging seeing his progress with the extra help from you.

I want to say a huge thanks to you as the last few years have definitely helped her Maths. You are so lovely to deal with and nothing has ever been a problem with changes, etc. We have really appreciated that.  

I am one of your best advocates and often tell people about you; and I will continue to do so. Thanks so much.

She has thoroughly enjoyed mathZwise and learned a great deal from you and Amie over the years. Although not a great mathematician, I am sure that she would not have achieved what she has and enjoyed the subject without the teaching, encouragement and support that you have both given her.

He had a really great session with Stefan. He was nervous and anxious before hand and not wanting to go but I got him there and all was good!  He came away feeling confident and happy after the session.  He is looking forward to the next session. 

Our daughter really enjoys her sessions!

He got a Merit in all his Year 12 external papers at the end of the year, which is fantastic! Please pass on our thanks to Corey as our son says it has made a big difference working with him.

Her exams went very well and she is in the top Maths class this year. Thanks so much for your help and support.

She got Merit for Probability Level 2. So we are very pleased and really thankful to Corey as he made a huge difference.

She passed all her externals. She is really happy and grateful to your wonderful team for their help.

The tutoring was a huge help and I'm 100% sure she wouldn't have had those results without it.

Her results were very pleasing for Maths – she got Excellence in Calculus and Merits (both close to Excellences) in the other two. Thanks for the great tutoring.

Her teacher from last year asked me for your name to recommend you as she couldn’t believe the progress she had made.

He has worked hard this year and just so you know he has made national standards this year.  This is fantastic news and I will be looking at continuing on getting him tuition for next year for Maths. Thank you so much and can you please send special thanks to his tutors also and the fantastic work they do which has resulted in him achieving a great result.

Thank you for another great term. She has enjoyed herself and is always excited about going. It has helped her confidence no end – she keeps telling me how improved her Maths is now. You have done her wonders this year.

She absolutely loves mathZwise (and Maths now!) and is doing very well at Maths at school, so I’d love to keep her going.... she also loves Talia....

She achieved a Merit endorsement for NCEA Level 2 Maths – so was thrilled with that outcome. This result was down to the additional hours she spent with Hannah.

He did so well in Maths with an Excellence for Year 12 Calculus.

He was stoked with his result in the Algebra MCAT – he managed to get Excellence, and I think Amie and mathZwise can take a substantial amount of the credit!

Comments from 2015

She is now at the National Standard. Thank you.

Thank you for everything you have done for him this year. He felt very confident after his Year 8 testing at St John’s the other day so hopefully that's a great sign.

Thank you so much for all the Maths input. She has grown in confidence and ability.

Thank you for helping me with my Maths. I really appreciate it. You’re the best Maths teacher ever!

Thanks for everything you and your staff have done. You have made a real difference in her confidence and understanding. I have recommended you to friends with children locally.

Thanks for all your efforts this year. They have both shown great leaps in their Maths.

Thank you for such a wonderful service. He has learnt so much and is more confident with Maths.

He has really enjoyed his sessions at mathZwise with Jade and he feels ready to take on High School Maths with confidence, a huge turnaround from his attitude a year ago. Many thanks.

Thank you for the help given by mathZwise. A big thank you to Amie too.

Thank you for putting the help in place that you did at short notice. She definitely felt the sessions with Hannah were very beneficial. The Maths exam is this afternoon and she seemed relatively calm about it this morning!

He passed Maths!!! Thank you!!!

She found Michael’s explanations very clear and was happy with the sessions.

She found it SO useful and says she learnt more from Jade yesterday then she did all semester. (a university student)

He is loving Maths and Hannah! What a massive change from when we first arrived with you!

He has found working with Rikkie very helpful.

It has been great to see him passing and more confident in Maths. Thanks to Elliot.

Hannah has been a life saver, she is teaching stuff that the Maths teacher just hasn't covered at all. I wish I had gotten onto mathZwise earlier.

She has been very happy with Talia and says although she has liked all her tutors, she finds Talia the best tutor she has had.

Their confidence with Maths and their Maths knowledge has improved so much.

My three children are all loving mathZwise. I am so happy.

He is REALLY enjoying mathZwise and feels that Maths is getting a little easier to understand in class now. This is pretty amazing as he is not a child who enjoys school work!

She seems to be so much more enthusiastic about school Maths now!

Thanks again for all your support for her learning. You offer a great service.

He goes into his Maths lessons at school as confident as.

She loved it. She came out to the car and was excited how well it went.

The tutor moved at a pace she could cope with.

We will continue with her lessons as they are a great help and give her confidence.

It is really making a difference to his confidence.

She has loved her mathZwise sessions.

He has moved up a group in Maths, which is good

The tutorials have made a big difference in her maths - particularly her confidence.

He is really benefiting and enjoying his tuition with Morgan.

She has certainly managed better grades with Nicole’s assistance.

I have seen her confidence level increasing which really good for her progress.

Thank you once again for providing a wonderful learning opportunity.

She has said the lessons are very good

It is making a huge difference. Thank you.

She is loving mathZwise, it's just fantastic!

She found the session with Hannah very helpful.

He loved being with Talia and enjoyed mathZwise immensely.

They really enjoy working with Amie and have benefited from the tutoring.

She went up two stanines in Maths last term so we are very happy with the tuition she is receiving.

Thanks for all your help. We know where to come if we need you again.

We appreciate all the work you have done with him. It has made a big improvement at school.

You have made such a big difference to her confidence. I often hear comments like "this is what Lesley taught me".

He certainly has improved with this additional help.

He showed me his mathZwise book over the weekend and we were so proud of him. He was also incredibly proud of his work which was so lovely to see. He also told me how cool mathZwise is and how much he is enjoying it.

He did really well in his last test so we were very pleased. Thanks to you and your team.

His teacher said he couldn't believe how much he has improved! Thanks heaps to Morgan.

I cannot thank you enough for what Hannah is doing with Josh - in three sessions, she has completely transformed him from hating Maths to loving it. He gets so excited about going on Wednesdays and when I talk through his book with him afterwards, he has a depth of understanding that he has never had before! For the first time he actually understands why and what he is doing! THANK YOU really aren’t the right words to use. When you are desperate to help your children and you finally find something that works, it is utter relief! Hannah is such a lovely tutor and Josh is loving mathZwise.

He is very happy and finding the sessions with Amie are really helping.

Thank you so much. He came out of his lesson last week raving about how cool it was. We are super happy with how it's going.

She has found the tuition with you really beneficial especially when she's had her testing, which seems to happen quite often.

She just wants to pass her thanks on to Corey - he has helped her achieve some great results.

I'm really impressed with Jade's teaching. My daughter has now moved up to the top group for Maths in her class. A huge difference from when she was in the bottom group last year. Awesome and the best part is she really enjoys Maths now.

Feedback from his teacher at mid year interviews - he is now achieving at National Standard in Maths, which is great to see.

Thank you so much. Her confidence is so much better.

She loves the sessions by the way and last night was converting fractions and solving problems in her head. Her teacher is thrilled! So are we.


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