The mathZwise system is designed primarily to make Maths fun.

Years 1 – 9

The mathZwise system is based on the NZ Curriculum and covers Year 1 to Year 9.

Years 10-13

For Years 10 – 13 students our Maths tutors work with the students on their current class work to reinforce their current learning.

Making Maths Fun

The mathZwise system is designed primarily to make Maths fun.
Each lesson is planned to be as stimulating and enjoyable as possible using a variety of activities and resources.
Through a combination of games, problem solving, and the basics such as practising times tables, we give the students a solid grounding in Maths. Weekly revision is built into the programme to ensure each student has a thorough understanding of the previous weeks’ learning before moving on.

Tutor / Student Ratio

With a guarantee of no more than 2 pupils per tutor, as a parent you can be assured your child is getting the individual attention they require to improve.

Your child will bring home their study book after each session so you will be able to see the work they have been doing and how they are progressing.

All our tutors are chosen because they relate well to teenagers and younger students. They are able to create a positive and stimulating learning environment which encourages all students to want to succeed.