mathZwise Taupo & Tokoroa

In Taupo we use qualified teachers to cover all aspects of Maths from Years 1 to 13. The sciences are covered for Year 10 to Year 13 students. Accounting and Economics are available for Year 11 – 13 students. In all cases we follow the NZ curriculum and prepare students for NCEA.

In Tokoroa we teach Maths for Year 1 – 11 students.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07 378 8789
Phone: 027 628 4994

Jeff Marshall B Ed

Jeff is responsible for the overall management of mathZwise Taupo.

He teaches students for Maths from Year 1 to 11.

Jeff also takes some mathZwise students at school, during school time.

Colleen Marshall NZCE NZCD

Colleen is our Year 12 & 13 specialist for Maths.

In addition, Colleen looks after our accounts and makes sure that our timetable is up to date and appropriate

Pravin Singh B.Sc.,

G.C.Ed., B.Ed. (Hon), M.Ed.

Year 9-12 Maths as well as Chemistry and Biology to Year 13

Kay Johnston      B Ed

Kay is working with our Year 1 to 8 Students.

Alison Carroll    BE Hons   PGDipMgmt

Alison will be Tutoring our Year 12 Maths with Calculus, and Physics for Years 12 and 13.

Leane de Kroon     Dip Tchg.

Leane teaches our Year 1 to 8 Maths students.

Vera McIvor (Bachelor of Business Administration)

Vera teaches Economics and Accounting for Years 11 – 13 students.

Mary Lacey, Bachelor of Commerce

Mary teaches Maths for Year 9 – 12 students.

After School: We take students from 3.30 – 6.30pm at three different locations (to satisfy the high demand)

Holiday Programmes: We offer holiday programmes in the last week of every school holiday throughout the year.



"I'm happy to report that I passed my midyear exam, and subsequently , my Engineering Maths paper. Can you please pass on my thanks to Colleen and Liz, I genuinely believe I would not have got through had I not had everyone's help. Thank you again.

(Adult Student)

"I have learned more in this hour than the rest of the year at school."

(Year 12 Student)

Both my children have attended mathZwise for the last 3 years. My youngest especially was way below national standards. They are now both top of their classes for Maths and this has flowed on to the rest of their learning as well. It's also increased their confidence. Such a brilliant programme. Thank you so much.

(Mother of Year 6 & 7 Students)

"I wanted to say 'Thank you' for the sponsored Math lessons last term that my son was lucky enough to attend. He loved his lessons, he learnt a lot with the special attention and praise he received, he felt encouraged to give all areas of learning his best attention back at school.

(Mother of a Year 6 Student)

"She has improved immensely this Term, which we are all very pleased with."

(Mother of a Year 6 Student)

"Also, great news, (Year 6 students name) has been offered a place in the CWAA Class. Mission accomplished! Thanks very much."

(Mother of a Year 6 Student)

"Regardless of whether I pass or fail, the things you managed to teach me will be most beneficial to my everyday life, so I am very thankful for your help & understanding."

Followed several weeks later by...

"I got confirmation today that I passed my police assessment day :) Thanks so much for helping me achieve my goal!"

(Adult Student)

He absolutely loves his Fridays with you and his love for numbers is increasing so much. Thank you and we will be back in Term 2.

(Mother of a Year 4 Student)


Just to let you know that our youngest son came away from his first session almost buzzing - so that's great!!

(Mother of a Year 11 Student)


Thank you for your good work with our son, with  your help he is now enjoying maths again and experiencing success with his assessments.

(Mother of a Year 12 Student)



Thank you so so much for this year and for all the extra effort you have put into me so that I can achieve well! :)

(Year 13 Student)



Thank you again for your continued support for (my son) and his studies-he came out from the exam with confidence and positivity.

(Mother of a Year 12 Student)




...You have made a huge difference to his learning, Colleen, over the past couple of years and I thank you most sincerely.

(Mother of a Year 13 Student)




Many thanks for your wonderful help this term! If (my daughter) takes Calculus again next year, we will be in touch for more lessons!

(Mother of a Year 12 Student)


...came home with a trophy because she topped her Year 4/6 class (and she's a Year 4)

(Mother of a Year 4 Student)


Thanks for all your help with (Year 7 Student). He is Stanine 9 (within the top 4% nationally) now.

(Mother of a Year 7 Student)



"It was fun as, Mummy"

(Year 7 Student)



"Jeff is the only teacher he has ever been able to communicate with well and he has just achieved a merit endorsement in his NCEA 1 Maths."

(Mother of a Year 11 Student)


"Thank you (Yr 13 Student) has certainly benefitted from his tutorials this week".


"Thank you for everything you do for (Yr 12 Student) he thinks the world of all of you."


"Best Maths ever! Thank you so very much MathZwise!!" Adult Student after first lesson.



"Just wanted to say a big thank you for all you both have done for (Yr 13 Student) over the years. It has been really appreciated. And the extra time you put into checking things and finding sorting extra work, helping with his school assessments has never gone un-noticed.  You never made us feel a pain if a lesson could not be kept and always offered solutions so they could be made up quickly. Your flexibility and genuine commitment to him was what kept him wanting to come back. And now he is off to university. Where have those years gone. Thank you both so so much. "

(Mother of a Year 13 Student)


" Thanks so much for all your help with (Yr 13 Student) over the years."

(Mother of a Year 13 Student)



Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 027 mathzwise (027 628 4994)

Questions & Answers

Year 1 -10 $46 per one hour session. Year 11 $51 per one hour session Year 12 $61 per one hour session (one pupil per teacher). Year 13 $67 per one hour session (one pupil per teacher).
Year 1 – 11 A maximum of 2 students per teacher Year 12- 13 Only 1 student per teacher
Each session is one hour.
Normally, students have only one session per week. Very occasionally they have two per week if they are taking Maths and Science or if we have a lot of remedial work to do. One session is usually enough because we are teaching to the same curriculum as the school.
We talk this over when you contact us. This is because we have three main locations in town plus Tokoroa. And, we are at a number of schools located between the Western Bays of Lake Taupo and half way to Rotorua.
The good news is that students usually notice a significant improvement after just one term. The bad news is that success creates a desire for even greater success. Therefore, most students just keep coming. Those that have a term off often return when their grades start falling.
We expect you to notify us as soon as possible. Then, each Sunday evening we contact parents to organise a make-up session.
Your initial interview/assessment will be FREE. Our tests can be easily understood by parents. We use a multiplication speed test and what is known as an IKAN (which should really be called an “I can’t”) to look for gaps in knowledge. This is a standard school test. The test usually lasts for about 15 minutes because we hone in on the needs of the child rather than try to impress you by filling out screeds of useless data.
Yes, we teach the sciences as they are very closely related to Maths. Science NCEA1; Biology NCEA1, 2 &3; Chemistry NCEA1, 2 &3; Physics NCEA1, 2 & 3
Usually 3:30, 4:30 & 5:30 Monday to Friday 9, 10 & 11 Saturday And, also during school time when it is appropriate.
Yes, during the last week of every holidays. Times and the number of days are very flexible. Most NCEA students come to us for the holiday programme during the Term 3-4 break. This is because the last term is very short (3 and a bit weeks). Then, students are on study leave and sitting exams.
Yes. We are finding that many adults need Maths or Science tuition to transition to a new job or to a University course. We have also had adults for entry exams to the armed forces, police, commercial pilot courses, and for apprenticeships.