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Hello, I am Jean McKenzie( B Ed) , Owner/ Operator/ Tutor of MathZwise Te Awamutu.

2016 is our third year in action along with 9 other mathZwise Franchise locations.   Our highlight for the previous year was winning the ‘Excellence in Business’ Emerging Business Award at the Waipa District Business Awards.

We know that bonding and letting our students know we care about them is a precursor to effective learning and results.

At mathZwise we see first-hand that once a student has gained self belief the results follow.

Our goal is to inspire, develop and educate our students in mathematics. Mathzwise is a highly organised, exciting programme which offers your child the opportunity to improve or extend themselves in Mathematics. We prepare them for new levels of learning targeting their needs. The programme is based on the NZ Curriculum which is critical to matching up with what they are learning at school.

The maths tutoring programme is individual with a maximum of 1 to 2 ratio and is available for Primary, High School students and adults. Primary level provides your child with an hour lesson with chunks of learning including times tables, revision, problem solving and new strategy learning. Secondary level is flexible and allows us to meet the needs of the student according to what they are currently requiring at high school for both Internal and External assessments. We also work with adults who feel the need to rectify their Maths knowledge.

We place a strong emphasis on basics, understanding and motivated learning.

Mathzwise allows myself the opportunity to meet two passions in life; Maths and motivating children to believe in themselves! I have a Bachelor of Teaching with a Major in Professional Education. My thirty years of teaching include 4 years in the UK involved with the Numeracy project.

My team of Maths Tutors are equally as educated and dedicated, we have both Primary and Secondary Tutors all of which bring an exceptional level of knowledge to their tutoring providing students with resources and teaching to increase confidence and understanding.

The result with maths tuition is children and adults who are set up for life long success. Enrol at our mathZwise branch now!

Jean McKenzie (B Ed)

Phone: 07 872 8171
Mobile: 021 133 5161
Email: [email protected]




Just want to mention how pleased I am with the lessons. She has gained such confidence and is coping much better in class. Steve is a great tutor for her.

'We wanted to let you know our son passed Year 13 Calculus. It was quite an accomplishment as he didn’t take it at school last year. He has been accepted into the Waikato University School of Engineering.

I am thrilled with her progress.

Year 8 student; She is so much more confident about her learning and I'm pleased to say enjoying maths. Thanks for everything you have done to help her get to this stage. I know she has wonderful foundations in place for the year ahead.

We have been extremely pleased with her progress and especially her positive attitude towards this tricky subject.  Thank you with all our heart for your time and patience in getting this swing in attitude – long may it continue xx

Comments from a local Teacher whose son attends; Thanks very much for offering such a great tutoring system…I recommend it to any parents who ask. 

He's doing so well!  He got an achieved on a practice test & said its the first time he's ever received an achieved since he's been at college.  He's very happy with the tutoring & knows that it is helping him a great deal.

His confidence has grown during his time with you and is participating fully in his maths lessons now. Many thanks for work done so far. Y4 student.

I’m stoked she is getting merits and her hard work is paying off, and my appreciation to mathZwise!

My Yr5 boy asked me if he could go again the next night! 

From a dad - my son has been asked by others in his class - 'Why do you know the stuff?'  He wants to get a Building Apprenticeship, when he asked to go along we didn't hesitate.

My daughter is in Year 10 - she tells me it is a huge weight off her shoulders.  We are so relieved too.

I thank you so much, she has just made leaps and bounds with MathZwise and we will be continuing next year as well - want to give her a solid grounding for High School.

From a Grandmother of a NCEA2 student - Many thanks - it has been money well spent.

Our daughter has found the lessons helpful and definitely feels on track again - many thanks for help preparing for NCEA2.

Thank you for all you and your team have done for our daughter, she has loved coming.

Thank you so much for starting mathZwise in our area!  Our son got an excellence with merit in his maths mock exam and will be put in calculus class next year.  MathZwise has given him so much confidence ... thank you!

Our 8 year old daughter has learnt so much in one term.  She is a changed girl! We are going to consolidate for the last term of the year and set her up for a combined class next year at her school. We are so thrilled at the comments from school too!

MathZwise is gold!

Thank you for the beautiful gift and card.  I love them and they are on the fridge. From Olivia X (We are glad you are feeling better Olivia).

A message from a Mum with the follow up call after the first lesson; "Thank you for your call. Emily really enjoyed the first tutorial. Emily was hesitant about going but when she left last night her words were “I want to do maths all night”. So based on that I am fairly sure last night was a great success." Based on her smiling face our lovely Yr 3 Emily was very happy when she left! Well done Jill for your encouraging first lesson.

They are enjoying the sessions so much - thank you and I feel we are now starting to see some consistent understanding.

This is super cool. Thank you sooooo much for all your help and support. I’m so glad Lyrical is doing so well. Nga mihi kia koutou katoa.

Yes she is doing so well even school have noticed her improving alot also

You did such an amazing job with our daughter and would love to see you do your magic with our Yr 9 son. 

I thought I'd forward you the maths results that were brought home in her portfolio last night. She was incredibly proud of her achievements thus far and is very excited about Maths. She loves the Cross Maths that she does each day with her teacher at school now.

We're really proud of her achievements and just wanted to say Thank You for being a part of them.

Steve is his current tutor? If so then yes please. Jordan understands the way he explains things and gets a lot of benefit from working with him. (Booking Term 3)

Thank you so much Jean Monday will be fantastic. And thanks for your great advice.

Yes she was super chuffed. Second one (Affirmative card)in a very short time. Third one this year. Tuition is definitely paying off. Thanks.

How long is each lesson?  1 hour.  Most students have 1 lesson a week unless there is urgency eg NCEA exams.

What is the Tutor / Student ratio?  1 Tutor to 2 students.

Does the student need to bring resources?  We supply all the resources.  Primary level take home their work books which allows parents/ caregivers the opportunity to share what they are studying.  Secondary level are encouraged to bring homework if they wish to work on.

Each student is working with the NZ Curriculum.  Does MathZwise support this?  Absolutely.  We would not consider including material that would confuse our students.

Is there homework?  No

Whereabouts is MathZwise Te Awamutu held?  Mondays in Pirongia, Tuesday to Fridays at the Burchell Pavilion attached to the Information Centre, Te Awamutu. Otorohanga at times to suit.

What lesson times are available? Our sessions are Te Awamutu on Tuesdays to Fridays 3.30pm, 4.30pm and 5.30pm.  Pirongia is on Mondays 3.15 pm, 4.15 pm, 5.15 pm.  Pirongia also includes early morning slots 7.45 - 8.45 Tuesday to Friday for local schools only. Otorohanga is organised to suit.

Am I able to choose a lesson slot?  We work with you to choose a lesson slot time for the term but are restricted by the slots available.

What is the cost? Primary age plus Yr 9 and 10; $48 per lesson with a maximum of 1 Tutor to 2 students for each hour long lesson. NCEA1 upwards $50 per lesson.

How can I contact mathZwise Te Awamutu? Jean McKenzie 0211335161

Phone: 07 872 8171
Mobile: 021 133 5161
Email: [email protected]


Jean - Profile picture
I am Jean and am the proud owner of MathZwise Te Awamutu which extends from Te Awamutu to Otorohanga and as far as Raglan. This wonderful business allows me to combine being a business owner and education. I believe strongly in the importance of Mathematics in day to day life and very strongly in motivating students to believe in themselves. I am a proud Mum of two sons who are in their early 20s plus have a wonderful husband who enjoys sport as much as I do. I consider serving your community as one of the things you need to do, hence I am a Senior Fire Fighter in the Pirongia Brigade. Embracing life and going for it is my motto!

KenI am Ken Drummond. I have recently retired after teaching Maths and Physical Education at Otorohanga College for the past 28 Years. I am interested in helping students who would like to develop further their Mathematical knowledge. I take a keen interest in all sports and am still involved actively in Rugby refereeing.


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I am Henk, most of my career I was a researcher in plant physiology and lecturer at the University of the Free State’s QwaQwa campus in South Africa. After immigration to New Zealand I was mainly involved in teaching. I find mathematics an amazing discipline that mankind discovered and developed to describe all natural phenomena in the entire universe. Truthfully, maths is the language of the sciences. I find the MathZwise philosophy of personal attention in a calm and caring environment very appealing. My goal in maths teaching is to establish confidence and a “I can do it” attitude in students. My observation with maths is that students can always do better than they think they can.
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I am Jill. I am a SPELD trained & registered teacher who works with children who have learning difficulties in literacy & numeracy. Along with my own personal business with SPELD I am also part of the MathZwise team working with Primary aged children. I live in Pirongia and enjoy tramping on our mountain as well as many other tracks in New Zealand and, recently in Tasmania. I have 2 daughters in their twenties; a vet and a teacher. I am particular with my planning and place great importance on retention and understanding. The basics, such as times tables, are critical for all parts of numeracy.


I am Steve Wilson. I have been teaching in a number of environments for forty plus years and have recently retired from Secondary School teaching. I was trained as a Technical Teacher after working as a motor mechanic until I was 30. My first teaching position was teaching “Trade Calculations” to motor apprentices at Te Awamutu and I have taught in many roles since these days. My qualifications include a B.Sc. degree, Advanced Trade Cert. (Motor Mechanic) and a “N.Z. Certificate in Engineering”. I have been married to Denise for 46 years. We have five adult sons and eleven grandchildren. I have been a member Te Awamutu Brass Band for 32 years and am a Life Member of the Band. I am keen on swimming and staying fit and train regularly at the Events centre.

Wendy - profile pictureI am Wendy and enjoy working with children. Besides my much loved work with MathzWise I am also lucky enough to work as a teacher aide in a primary school. I teach speech and language therapy, maths, and English. I also work with children in a church group. I have a Bachelor of Social Science and a Certificate in Teacher Aiding. I am a Mum and a taxi driver of two boys aged 10 and 12 and try to keep my sanity with regular swimming.

I am Yvonne. I am a SPELD-trained teacher and have been self-employed tutoring students with Learning Difficulties for the past 24 years. I prefer working during school time, in schools, with Primary-school aged children. I have recently joined the Te Awamutu mathZwise team and am enjoying working through the mathZwise programme with my students. I have been married to Noel for the past 37 years and we have three adult children.  We recently went halves in a launch and try to spend as much time on our boat as we can.

Ruary profile pictureRuary Laidlaw Dip.Tchg B.Ed.  I have filled the positions of teacher, deputy principal and principal over the years. I enjoy the interaction with students. I have long practical experience in the teaching of Mathematics at all levels within the Primary School, especially from the point of view of making sure that students understand the working behind the concepts. I retired from teaching in 2011, but still work part-time as a reliever about two days a week. I am looking forward to working with the students at Mathzwise, Te Awamutu.

HamishMy name is Hamish McAlley. I started tutoring at Mathzwise Te Awamutu in 2014 as a year 12 student and now  after a year in Argentina as a Rotary Youth Exchange student I have returned to this wonderful environment. In repeating my year 13 to make up for my year away I achieved Academic Honours at Hamilton Boys' High School. This year I am now attending Waikato University. I've always had a passion for maths and have excelled at it all my life. I am a firm believer in positive reinforcement and self belief.

CameronMy name is Cameron Gillespie and I have always had a love for maths. Through mentoring younger students at school and now tutoring at MathZwise I have also realised I enjoy helping other students with their maths. I am a Year 13 at Hamilton Boys High School and have received Academic Honours, endorsing NCEA Level 2 with Excellence. I have also sat the Cambridge International Exams for IGCSE and AS maths, receiving A* and A grades.


I am retired engineer (working for Opus Int for 40 yrs.) My wife and I moved to Raglan 2 years ago having lived in Cambridge for 40.

I taught maths to students of primary, intermediate and high school age, mostly from my home and also our 3, now adult, children. I have also assisted adults studying for a qualification or apprenticeship exam. I enjoy mathematics and look forward to helping others take pleasure in learning.

Allison May
I am a qualified Learning Support Assistant with over 12 years experience working with both primary and secondary students.
I have always been passionate about education and especially enjoy encouraging self belief and raising confidence with Maths.